Digital Sublimation Printing

Digital sublimation fabric printing is the unique process of printing on a poly based fabric using special inks put through a specialized heat process. This process allows the color molecules to bond to the fabric in a way that the image will not crack, peel or fade. This process has become extremely popular and allows for the creation of amazing fabrics. Our sublimation printing department is housed within our factory with the newest state of the art printers. Our printing staff prints fabric daily and is highly skilled in making sure your final printed fabric is just how you envisioned it. 

In House

Our digital sublimation department is housed right at our factory. Our machines are the highest quality and offer the highest quality out put in the industry. Your designs come alive with our knowledge and expertise. We have been producing custom fabrics for customers worldwide for years. These fabrics allow you to design your line with fabrics exclusive to you setting your line apart from everything else in the industry. 

Skilled Technicians

We have an entire department devoted to nothing but digital sublimation printing. That means we produce fabric every day and are skilled in representing your design on fabric. Our team works together all of the time so the process runs smoothly with excellent results. 

Vivid Colors

Because the process of sublimation digital printing actually fuses dye into the fabric, the process allows for the creation of bright vivid colors. The vision for your line is more of a subdued pallet? No problem, with our printers and operators, we are able to match Pantone colors to achieve the exact look you envisioned for your fabric, your design and the overall feel of your line.

Exclusive to Your Line

Sublimation digital printing has a lot of exciting benefits but probably the best feature is that your vision can come to life through unique fabric that belongs only to you. You can be confident that your fabric will be unique and make your line stand out from your competition.

Style – Quality – Ease

Let us bring your vision to life!

One Stop Shop

We handle all steps of the production in our factory. Every step of the process from actually printing the fabric to shipping the finished garment happens under our roof so that makes it worry free for you. 

Gold Quality WRAP Certified

We have been awarded the high honor of being a GOLD QUALITY certified factory through WRAP. This means that our factory upholds the highest safety standards and all of our workers are ethically treated. This means that you can rest assured that you are working the highest quality factory possible. 

Knowledgeable Assistance

We have a complete staff of people that are highly trained in their specific fields. This gives you the assurance that your line is handled with skill and expertise. Our English speaking consultants will guide you along the way and will be there for you at any step should you have any questions. 

Contact us and start printing your own vision on fabric

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